Second Ever Shipment of Hooray Mail!!

I'm SO excited. Today, the SECOND ever batch of Hooray Mail went in the mail!!! 
Kiddos in Wisconsin, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Idaho and more are going to be SO excited to receive mail in a few days!!
I still can NOT believe that in just over 1 month since launch we're already helping so many moms, aunts and grandmas connect with their kiddos. It's such an honor to bring joy and deliver a little bit of love... one mailbox at a time. 
Just a reminder, each subscription is good for 2 cards per month and this is the second card in last month's batch of orders. :)
Get in on the fun for next month's shipment - subscribe now or see how it works
P.S. Be sure to place your order before 10/19 to receive the next batch of Hooray Mail!


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