The Magic of Twinkling Lights

This past Saturday was just one of those mornings that turned into one of those days. It took me 2 hours to get ready - when you're interrupted by your sweet little girls every 5 minutes it makes the process unusually long! Nina and Mae were just in that mood - you know it mama... whiny, nagging, nonstop questions, nonstop requests for food or water or to change clothes or whatever the request of the moment could possibly be.

So to switch it up, we decided to drive to a local outdoor mall to walk around, grab lunch and attempt to do a bit of shopping! We had fun on this perfectly normal afternoon, but of course the mood of the day with the girls continued. Ugh. I found their attitude rubbing off on me. I started to react with the same short fuse which just added fuel to the fire. 

We all have these days or moments though, right?

My life is certainly not all rainbows and unicorns, but I try not to complain. I'm blessed with an amazing life, so I don't want to sound too dramatic. But, I know you get the picture!

It was just enough. I kind of lost it and on the 45 minute drive back home I found myself just gazing out the window. Letting the beauty of the fall colors pass by me. Letting the singing and music from the backseat just pass in one ear and out the next.

That was it. 

I was NOT present. 

Not for me, my girls or my husband. 

Luckily, I decided to snap out of it. 

It was really just up to me to change the course of the day. My girls would probably continue with their crankiness and that was ok. Because I know from past experience, it's really about connecting with them and reacting to them with love and on purpose... and everything shifts.

So when we got home that afternoon, I made a warm Butternut Squash Soup (my fav recipe here) and I decided to change it up after an early dinner.

Here's what we did...

Isn't it magical? It's just a quick iPhone picture to help me remember the moment, but heck...

Twinkling lights really solve it all. :) 

Once you make a decision to shift your mindset and connect with your kiddos ON PURPOSE instead of by accident, and once you choose JOY instead of complacency or good enough... life is that much more magical.

This I know. :)

P.S. Our tent situation really reminds me of the scene in The Holiday ... oh man that part melts my heart. Don't you love that movie??

P.P.S. Nina's full room tour is here if you'd like to see.


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