Halloween Recap

Here are a few photos from Trick or Treat and Halloween! :)

Nina went as Rapunzel. It was cold and rainy/misty here, so Nina wore rainboots and a layer underneath!! Brr!

Sweet little Mae's outfit was well... an Elephant - we think of the Dumbo variety?! :) It was super cute on her, but perhaps it was a bit of a parenting fail that it might not be the most appropriate costume. Ha! You be the judge. It IS cute though, right? :)

Both of my girls :)

Mae had enough here, poor thing. The girls loved trick or treating with their cousins - Ironman and a little lion! :)

There weren't too many kids out this year, but we braved the weather and went to about 15 houses or so before calling it. The kids got plenty of candy and the adult cocktails ran dry so it was time to head home. :)

Here are a few projects from my girls... :)

Our post trick or treating meal included Pioneer Woman's Broccoli and Cheese Soup in Breadbowls, Mummy Dogs (for the kids!), cheese plate (duh!) and a delish Pumpkin Apple Shandy in mason jars - perfect to pop in the stroller. :)


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