Such great feedback!

I received the sweetest email the other day and I wanted to share it with you today because this, my friends, is what Hooray Mail is all about...
Here is part of the email (name changed):

Elliot LOVES Hooray Mail! (And so do I!)

He loves when I read the card to him. It's also been interesting because now I'm learning things about him that I didn't know before. 

When we were circling the numbers on the inside of the Trick or Treat card, I knew he could count, but realized that he can recognize the numbers visually...I didn't know that!

When we were done, he took the card into his bedroom, shut the door and said he was going to work on "homework"...haha! 

So so happy to hear this! :)

This is why I created Hooray Mail.

For mama and kiddos to connect on purpose, instead of by accident.

For kiddos to have more moments of joy and HOORAY!

If you have a cute story you'd love to share with me email It'd be a pleasure to hear from you!


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