10 Fav Posts of the Past 5 Years!

Hooray! As I mentioned last Friday, it's been FIVE years since I started this little blog!

Today, I thought it would be fun to share my 10 favorite posts of the past 5 years. Gosh, life has sure changed since I began - two kids, two houses, finished grad school, started a business, and so so much more! Life is good!

Here they are in no particular order whatsoever. :)

1. Posts of family photos

Of course my candid iPhone photos are often my total favorites because they capture the everyday and mundane. However, our professional photos are also treasured because I think they really capture my kids personalities and the sparkle in their eyes in a way I could never pick up. I also love that we have special newborn photos which just make my heart melt. View all posts here.

2. The Ironman video

The video I created after my husband completed the Ironman is one of my daughter Nina's favorite thing to watch. So cute, right? If you haven't seen it, you can watch the video here. It's pretty inspirational. :)

3. Mother's Day Posts

I am so inspired by and indebted to mothers. My post on Mother's Day in 2015 was one of my fav's and included tons of links to other posts I've written about motherhood and more. View post here. 

4. What's Your Story Profile posts

I love these profile posts, click here to catch up! :) Grab a coffee and get to reading - so so much goodness.

5. Anniversary posts

It's such a blessing to be married to my husband. He's the best partner and most hilarious person I know. I loved posting just a few of our wedding photos back here (and here) and loved our 5 year anniversary Napa trip last year!! If you are taking a trip there soon, I would highly recommend reading this post! :)

6. Hooray Mail launch!

When the blog transitioned from Rhubarb & Linen to the Hooray Mail blog (around September 2015), it was an exciting time! View the announcement post here. I also was honored to be a guest on The Lively Show in September 2015 (and turned 30!!)  so it was a super fun month - listen to the podcast episode here!

7. Birthday Party posts

You can view my kids birthday parties here. I don't go crazy overboard at all, but do enjoy planning special details that I know they'll love. So far we've done a Kentucky Derby Day party, Pink and Yellow themed first birthday party, a Princess birthday, a Mexican fiesta and more.

8.  Ikea Rast Hack

The last 3 posts I'll share are actually the 3 most clicked on, shared and viewed posts of the past 5 years. First up is the Ikea Rast Hack - view here.

9. Our House Paint Colors

Probably due to Pinterest, this one is the second most popular. View a few "house tour" posts here and the Paint Colors post here.  :)

10. Prep Dish Review

Last up is my review of PrepDish.com! I'm a big fan of this Paleo and Gluten Friendly meal prep service. So great! Read it here. 

Ok ok... one more!!.

These two posts are also SO special to me as well I couldn't leave them out - click here and here and you'll know why. :) These are the whole reason why I do any of this!!

Thanks for reading and clicking and sharing! YOU, dear reader, are the best!!


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