Hooray! 5 Years!!!

Can you believe it? Today is my 5 year blogiversary!! Hooray! Yay!

I surely cannot!

This blog began as "Rhubarb & Linen" when I was pregnant with Nina and ever since it's been a way to document little bits about our family, random photos, trips, birthdays, professional pretty photos, things I'm loving and learning, and more!

Within the past year, "Rhubarb & Linen" morphed into the Hooray Mail blog. When I started that businesses, I didn't want to update a personal blog and business blog. It's not because I'm lazy, but rather because the two are really one.

Hooray Mail grew out of my desire to have a fun and simple way to connect with my girls. They were my inspiration and I am my ideal customer, so why not just keep trucking with the same type of content!

So, I sure hope you've enjoyed coming along this journey with me. Because that's what it's really been... journey. A road to, well, I'm not exactly sure where... but I'm on it. :)

And you are with me.

Thank YOU for being a loyal reader these past years. I so appreciate if you've shared or mentioned the blog or Hooray Mail to your friends and family, too.

Oftentimes I remind myself that really this blog is a way for me to documents things about our family, kind of like an online journal or scrapbook. But then I realize it's really more than that.

It's a way I can connect with you, share with you and give you a glimpse into parts of my life.

Because, well, we're all in community together.


Happy 5 Year Anniversary to me! Cheers everyone!!


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