Little Love Notes

During Lent, I sing each Wednesday night at church. We do Holden Evening Prayers - it's a beautiful piece of music and our Pastor and I are accompanied by piano, two flutes, guitar. I've sung this exact piece of music for probably 5 or 6 years now - always starting at Ash Wednesday moving forward.

It's like a meditation to sing the same thing over in over. Love that!

Typically the kids and Mr. Evans stay at home because it's often past their bedtime. When I got home this week, I found this on my bathroom counter. :)

It makes my heart melt. This small gesture all her own idea.

I LOVE little love notes.

Here is another recent one - it's a reminder from her to come into her room and give her hugs. :)

Don't ever change, sweet Nina.

P.S. I blogged more about Lent over here.


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