Random Photo Dump

As usual, every so often I dump photos off my iPhone and I post a random smattering of them here. Enjoy. :)


When I see things or read things I love, I typically take screenshots so I can refer back to them later... I loved this sentiment and quote from Brene Brown. So good...

My phone is FULL of sunset or sunrise pictures. This one was taken out the window at my work - I start early! ;)

Nina before a Packer game... with Christmas nails. Every week she requests a new color pattern for her nails!! Love her!

Oh yes, this one too. I'm a fan of Glennon Doyle Melton's (aka @momastery) and loved this message!

Mae doing circus baby - now almost up to the ceiling!!!

My mom and the girls who love to wear "reading glasses" just like Nana (tip, you can find kids glasses like this without prescriptions at Claire's or stores like that)!

One night I had a meeting so the girls hung out with Daddy before bedtime. When I got home much later, this note was waiting for me on our mudroom bench and I snapped a quick photo. It says "The girls were good!! Nina" - hehe! Made me chuckle!

Nina and her daddy shotting guns at Cabela's! Nice! ;)

This toothy grin and straight crazy hair cracks me up!! Love you Mae!!

Nina loves to help in the kitchen, especially with cutting and peeling carrots and potatoes. She's actually great at it, so I appreciate this little 4 year old's help!

Love this too!! So true... it really matters what we do when shit goes wrong or things get tough. That's the true measure of our character, right?


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