The Reset Button

You know those times.

Your kids have a tough day, a bad attitude, are acting crazy and not being the kiddos you thought you raised them to be.

You questions your parenting skills.

You question if your kids are the only ones in the planet who don't listen and end up time out 6 times a day. 

But here's what they really need.

Here's what WE really need.

A reset button. 

After all, what your kids really need is more time.

Remember the old saying, "LOVE IS SPELLED T-I-M-E."

Sometimes when we reset and spend more time (time off devices, uninterrupted, intentional time) our kids gravitate back to center. 

We feed and nourish their souls with love and suddenly again they grow, thrive and flourish into the kiddos you KNEW you had. Not those crazy hooligans who swooped down like UFO's into your house last week. ;)

We are our kids best teachers and lessons about optimism and what it looks like to be kind do not go unnoticed.

Our kids learn from example more than ANYTHING. 

So, take a minute and reset.

Start over.

Get back to your values and parent with intention... on purpose, NOT by accident.

And remember, you're doing a great job mama.


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