Spring Weekend

Finnnnnallllly, spring has arrived in Wisconsin! Hooray!!

Last weekend we made the most of the fantastic weather. On Friday afternoon after work, we went to the park with the girls and met up with their cousins for some extra fun!

Here is Mae and Peter on the swings!

And Nina and Evan!!

Saturday morning we woke up early and drove about 5 hours to Minnesota for Mark's grandma's 85th Birthday Party. We got there a bit early so had lunch at Four Daughters Vineyard

We had a great lunch, met up with family, bought a few bottles of wine and enjoyed the scenery! Such a gem in the middle of nowhere! :)

 Then we headed to the party. My father-in-law is one of 15 children so it was great fun to see everyone. It was especially neat to see all the photo boards. They're all in the printing and newspaper business, so there are LOTS of photos.

Here is one of Mark and his grandma at wedding during "Come on Eileen"!! 

Some of the 15 kids... 

15 kids and always working in their business too!

 Here is my mother-in-law, Nina and Mae enjoying the ice cream!

Everyone in the whole town in invited. She's like a local celebrity! :)

 Circus baby strikes again! This time, Mae and Adam (just like here). 

 Then, back on the road. We drove home that same night. Needless to say, it was the right decision but our backs were sore (not used to all that drive time)! 

Sunday was spent doing lots of Sunday stuff. But, we made time for lots of outdoor time too. Here is Nina and Mark on her first run with daddy. She's a natural!!

Then it was Mae's turn. You can't quite see here her, but she's waving on the back of the bicycle! ;)

 Just like their daddy... swim, bike, run. 

Phew, if you made it this far... well, thanks for hanging in there. :) Have a good day!


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