Weekend Vacation with Friends

This is the story of six friends who vacationed with their six kids (all under age 5!) last weekend!

We started off with plans for a picnic in the park before our car ride, but a random rain shower interrupted that. So... sandwiches in the car it was! :)

 This was too funny not to screenshot. 31st ave, court and drive?!??

 Once all the friends arrived, the playing began!! Hooray!

There was lots of amazing food and fun!

Some coffee too!

And LOTS of time by the water and sandy beach. 

It was so much fun we didn't take ANY photos during the day when we were swimming, laughing, floating and catching up!

We did manage one family photo...

some relaxation by the fire (and smores!!) and...

fun times with my college girlfriends. Love you gals!!


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