County Fair

Last week Mr. Evans and I took time off work to take the girls to our local county fair. We all love it!! Here are a few photos! :)

I always love the animal barns - cows, pigs, horses... those 4H kids work so hard!
 The girls loved this activity maze put on by the 4H! They both especially loved the treats at the end - cold milk, ice cream and a honey stick! :)

I always HAVE to check out the beautiful fresh flowers and produce. It is SO pretty I tell ya!!  

Mae and I ... sweet girl :)

Nina and Mae on the first of many rides of the day. This was right before about 20 other kids packed on this little train. Hehe!
 Oh man these two melt my heart. Mr. Evans sure is one amazing daddy!!

Eeek!! My FAV photo of the day. Family selfie!!!!
 More rides!
 Nina and Mr. Evans way at the tippy top!

Gotta have a cream puff to finish off the fair. All is now right in the world. :) Happy summer!!


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