Nina's 5th Birthday - Part 3 (Chicago Trip to American Girl)

For Nina's special birthday we took her on the train to Chicago to American Girl Place. 

This was something my mom and I always talked about doing, but Nina has really taken to American Girl and started to ask for a doll well over a year ago. She's a very responsible girl, so we figured 5 would be a good age. :)

So... here's a recap of our day trip starting with a morning train ride. She got Kit the day before at her birthday party so she could take her along for the day!

Being silly on the train!

 Union Station - she loved being in the city. 

After a short Uber ride, we made it!!

 Then, the shopping began!!

After some shopping, we went to lunch at American Girl Place. It's adorable and perfect for little girls!!

After lunch we walked around Michigan Avenue and let her pick where to go. She chose the Lego Store, Disney Store and the Apple Store. Ha!

 She was certainly tired on the drive home, but it was blast spending time with her and my mom. What great memories we made! When Mae turns 5 we will take her too! Hooray!! 

Happy Birthday my sweet Nina Lorraine!!


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