3rd Annual SNC Girls Weekend

Last weekend we got together for our 3rd Annual SNC Girls Weekend! Per the usual, it was full of lots of wine, food, laughter, catching up and reminiscing. I always feel re-energized after our weekends together. I'm pretty lucky to have such great girlfriends. :)

On Friday, we met in De Pere, home of our alma mater. Our friend Pam hosted us for pizza, apps and wine at her new home.

On Saturday morning, we drove to The Creamery - a new business owned by my college roomie Pam! It features her delicious homemade cupcakes, great coffee (with latte art) and some insanely yummy Chai. If you're in the area, this is a must! I am so proud of her for fulfilling a dream!

Saturday afternoon, we buzzed around campus and hit up our beloved bookstore. After lunch at The Abbey (pic below), we had lots of talk time!

Later that night for dinner, we tried De Pere's new restaurant SALT. The menu is modern comfort food - perfect for a girls weekend!

This is the only photo I make an appearance in... :) Girls, please pass along your photos. Or, if you blog and post, comment below with a link!

Cheers, girls! I think we all had the best time, as usual!

P.S. Annual girls weekends from the past, here and here.


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