2 things that get me thinking...

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Two things that got me thinking lately... :)

1. I first wrote it about it last year around this time here, and now the ideas have crept up again in the interwebs. As a soon to be mother to not one, but two, little girls this issue is all the more important to me. I'm sure you've all heard about it by now... but, the Ban Bossy campaign is where it's at. I agree with every.single.word in this post! Read it.

2. I wrote about Lent and Ash Wednesday very briefly last year here (I still love that video about selective attention). This year, I came across this and wanted to share it with you. The gist of it talks about how Lent often means we should give up something (I do not because I was not raised Catholic, but many of my readers I know in theory do this). But maybe rather than giving up something, we should think about how we "fill up" ourselves. A good reminder for all of us!

For example:

Having given up junk food for a healthy diet, what will you do with the energy you gain?
Having given up Facebook, to whom will you devote meaningful conversation?
Having given up TV as a default activity, how will you use that time to cultivate quality family time?
Having given up isolation, how will you immerse yourself in community?
Having given up shopping, will you see those who need clothing in your city?
Having sacrificed whatever form of selfishness you indulge, how will you meet the needs of others?

Makes you think, right?

P.S. Speaking of girl power, check out this link... I love the captions! :)


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