Bump Update 38+ weeks

I'm posting what will (hopefully) be my last bump update! I'm over 38 weeks now and all signs point to the fact that baby girl #2 could arrive any day ... or not. It's undoubtedly a fun surprise as to when she'll arrive. Mr. Evans's money is on tomorrow morning because his parent's fly out for a vacation on Tuesday morning, and when Nina was born they were flying to Italy ... and it was a Tuesday morning. Haha... we'll see!

Ok, so in order to understand the significance of the silly photo below click here. Look familiar? We took that picture right before we went to dinner at Lake Park Bistro... which is exactly what we were doing below last Friday night. Same restaurant, same point in pregnancy... you get the gist. Sometimes it's best not to mess with tradition.

I love how Nina wanted to get in on the fun this time around. :)


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