Girl's Bathroom Before and After

So you've seen Nina's room and our new nursery, so today I thought I'd share the bathroom they'll be sharing. It's between their two rooms and has a pocket door between the shower/toilet area and the sink area. Perfect for siblings (especially girls) who will no doubt spend lots of time in the bathroom! It's just inevitable, right girls? :)

BEFORE: The bones of this bathroom were great and perfectly thought through by the previous owners (who planned this to be a kids bathroom). All we needed to do was add paint and decorations to make it our own!

AFTER: I went with a navy, yellow and white theme. I didn't want anything overtly girly and pink, but rather wanted something that felt light and fresh. There is a giant skylight above the shower, so the bathroom always feels sunny and airy even though it's in the middle of the house.

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Divine White
Ombre Floral Yellow Shower Curtain: Target
Navy Towels: Target
Towel Hooks: Home Depot
White Step Stool: Ikea Bekvam
Frames: Goodwill, spray painted white and navy
"You are my Sunshine" artwork: DIY by me, designed on PicMonkey, printed at OfficeMax
"Say your prayers" artwork: DIY by me, designed on PicMonkey, printed at OfficeMax
"Mama loves you" artwork: DIY by me, designed on PicMonkey, printed at OfficeMax


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