Filling Up

We all want and need to be intentional with our time. Right?

But... how do you really fill up your time? How do you fill up yourself?

Lately I've been (silently & mentally) trying to ask myself at the top of every hour:

Was the last hour spent wisely or a waste of time? 

It's helped me evaluate my time and minutes even more than I already do. I think I'm pretty good at time management, but this book and this book have me intrigued. I'm always fascinated by how people squeeze the most into their day - moms, dads, business owners, celebrity figures, people with time consuming hobbies, etc.

I'm a HUGE believer in not saying "I don't have time" but rather "It's not a priority"... I mention this topic in my favorite quotes on my Monthly Planner page.

Anyway... fill yourself up today. :) That's all.

P.S. Loved this post about "10 Lessons Learned in my Career" by Joanna Goddard!
P.P.S. This photo was snapped by me on a beautiful fall day near my parent's lake house. So pretty!
P.P.P.S. Have you ordered your 2015 Monthly Planner yet?


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