My Why

You know what Hooray Mail is and how it works, but do you know WHY I do it?

The simple answer is that these two smiley girls are my reason. They light up my world.

Honestly, there is nothing better than seeing your kiddos eyes light up with joy and love.

And that's why I created Hooray Mail. To connect mamas with their kiddos... on purpose instead of by accident.

It's about connection really. That's what we all crave and all need.

But, we all seek easy solutions if I'm being honest. No one realistically has time (or money! or energy!) to create elaborate activities for your kiddos.

We might want to (ahem... Pinterest perfection syndrome), but we don't.

We get busy. We work full-time. We have a full to-do list already.

So instead, we feel guilty. We wonder if we are doing enough.

Of course, we can connect with our kiddos during the everyday moments in life - which is so so important. But, is that it?

We want to bring our kids more joy and more HOORAY, but without having to think about it?

It might sound selfish, but I already think about them 100% of my day - What should I make them for lunch? Did they go potty? Is it bath night? Do I have babysitter for next Saturday? Are they happy? Are they safe?

Mama minds are like revolving doors of mom guilt, pride, love, pressure... and more mom guilt. :) Right?

SO back to my why...

Kiddos. Connection. Joy & Love. 

Hooray Mail just shows up every few weeks without thinking about it and it provides you with a moment to connect over the simple activity and positive message.

What could be better?

Easy peasy, no stress and fun!

I'm constantly thinking about my daughters and the faces of kiddos across the country opening #hooraymail and seriously shouting HOORAY!! Yay! Yipeee!!

My girls Nina and Mae have my heart and are the reasons behind this business.

But please know mama, auntie, grandma... your special little ones are the reason behind Hooray Mail as well.

It's about them, not us. 

They deserve HOORAY!!

P.S. For more about my why, be sure to listen to my The Lively Show episode that aired last week. Click here.


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